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Re: issue booting CD iso on iBook G4

Riccardo Mottola wrote:

I did not try any USB tricks, I always had issues with USB sticks on Mac, this is why I ent to optical media.

I did try to get debian 8.11.0 netinst on an USB stick

I am unable to boot that stick, neither with just "boot usb" from OF, neither using this:

1. download jessie powerpc netinst iso[1] and dd it to a USB stick

2. boot into open firmware

3. start yaboot 1.3.16 from jessie usb stick
   boot usb0/disk@1:2,\install\yaboot

4. from yaboot 1.3.16, switch to sid netinst (CD-ROM)
   conf device=cd file=/install/yaboot.conf

5. run installer

If I do:

   boot usb0/disk@1:2,\install\yaboot
-> Can't open device or file

   boot usb1/disk@1:2,\install\yaboot
-> Can't open device or file

   boot usb1a/disk@1:2,\install\yaboot

I get a big grey screen with the "not found" sign in the middle, after some xcoff loading

I wonder if I wrote the key correctly, I can see it as HFS volume from mac and see the files.

Is there a way to list files from OF, just to be sure the device and paths are correct?


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