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Re: issue booting CD iso on iBook G4

On 2018-11-29, John Ogness <powerpc@ogness.net> wrote:
> On a side note, it is a bit frustrating that I provided a patch and
> even NMU package [0] with a fix 3 months ago but because it is not
> being accepted, people like you continue to waste our time on this
> issue.

Sorry, I think that last sentence was formulated poorly. By "waste our
time" I meant you and me and others that continue to fight and re-solve
the same problem over and over and over again. Most people probably give
up without even posting. Updating the yaboot installer on the ISO (even
if it is counter to our goal of getting grub to be the installer), would
at least allow "us" (meaning people like you and me and many others) to
easily install Debian/sid on G4-iBooks in order to help and participate.

John Ogness 

> [0] http://www.ogness.net/debian/yaboot

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