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issue booting CD iso on iBook G4


I want to install on my iBook G4. It is a slightly different model than the one I succeded 10 days ago... this is the 14" version and not the 12".
The last one had a motherboard failure, so I can't "test" on the old one.

I burned on CD the iso from here,


The date 18/5 did not change, so I suppose it is the same iso, there were no updates.

However, on boot I drop into OF

Decrementer exception at %SRR0: 001001d8   %SRR1: 10003030

Now what? I tried
- booting with "C" and I get this issue
- re-issue boot cdrom in OF, I still get the issuie
- hold "option" and select the CD (which gets correctly recognized as Linux CD)

this is looks very similar to this:

I did not try any USB tricks, I always had issues with USB sticks on Mac, this is why I ent to optical media.

What I wonder is that on a G4 iBook "similar" but not the same (both with the same CPU, so about same vintage) it worked on the former and not the latter.

Do we have an older or newer cd image available perhaps?

Thank you.


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