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Re: Supported Hardware ?

On Tue, Oct 25, 2016 at 08:08:29PM +0200, Erik Brangs wrote:
> Thanks for the hints, but those machines use 64-bit processors or 32-bit processors with SPE. I would need a 32-bit PPC with FPU, preferably with multiple cores. The projects that I'm interested in are related to code generation so the hardware details are important to me. I wouldn't need graphics but I'd need networking and enough memory and disk space to do builds. For example, the machine would need to be capable of building something like GCC.

64 bit CPU is fine running 32 bit userspace.  I have run IBM power6
and power7 machines with Debian powerpc, with 64bit kernel and 32 bit
userspace.  Works great.  Used it as a build machine for 32 bit powerpc

> I can test on PPC 64-bit using the GCC compile farm which provides access to shared machines for free software developers. They have IBM POWER7 and POWER8 server class machines (i.e. 64-bit Big Endian and 64-bit Little Endian).

A 32bit chroot of debian on a 64bit powerpc works fine.

linux32 works on powerpc too to make it look like a smaller cpu.

Len Sorensen

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