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Re: Supported Hardware ?

On Tue, Oct 25, 2016 at 02:16:54PM +0200, Erik Brangs wrote:
> I would be interested in a 32-bit multi-core PPC machine that is "desktop-ish" and can run Debian powerpc (i.e. not powerpcspe). Does anyone happen to know any machines that fit these requirements? The only thing I could find were old Macs. From what I could gather from reading this list, it seems that there a quite a few problems with those. Also, I'd prefer something newer, if possible.

Well, there is the Amiga X1000, which is a dual core, and runs about $3000

There is the Amiga X5000 that is probably coming at some point.

There is the talos workstation under development, with a power8 (so
actually pretty new stuff) which appears to be about $4000 (for the board,
CPU and RAM are extra), assuming they get it made.
If they make these, they will be very impressive I think, but not cheap.

There are probably a few more options (freescale quad core reference
boards maybe?)

Len Sorensen

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