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Re: Supported Hardware ?

On Tue, Oct 25, 2016 at 08:08:29PM +0200, Erik Brangs wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Erik,

> Thanks for the hints, but those machines use 64-bit processors or 32-bit processors with SPE. I would need a 32-bit PPC with FPU, preferably with multiple cores. The projects that I'm interested in are related to code generation so the hardware details are important to me.

what hardware details are actually important for you?

The differences between CPUs from Freescale and CPUs from IBM are
*much* bigger than the question whether the hardware supports 64bit
or not.

And even among CPUs from the same vendor, the difference between
in-order and out-of-order execution should be more important
for you.

> Kind regards,
> Erik Brangs



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