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Re: Debian 8 on Late 2005 G5, Graphics Issues

Thanks Rick.

FYI, i have also built a 4.0.7 kernel deb package as well.
But nouveau will not correctly read the nVidia DCB from Open Firmware as per pre 4.0.0 kernel versions. So i guess for now lets try and get some more systems up and running with kernel 3.18.16 and Debian Jessie and get some critical mass.

The nouveau issue with kernel page sizes other than 4kB affects other arch's as well, e.g. SPARC64. Its not a new issue. But getting people interested to fix it is as difficult as getting people interested in fixing current versions of mesa to work with big endian machines.

But lets get 2d working before worrying about 3d.


On 30/06/15 20:48, Rick Thomas wrote:
Hi Peter,

I get it.  What you describe is in the plans — and thanks very much for the detailed directions; it’s pretty much what I had planned to do myself, but it’s always nice to have confirmation.  Actually, even better, I plan to re-install with stock-out-of-the-box Jessie plus your tweaked kernel.  The only reason I had Sid installed at all was my search for a working nouveau.

The reason for the previous test was because it was easy to do and I (mis-)interpreted you as wanting to know how that particular combination worked out in my case.  Sorry for the noise!

Now that we have a working theory as to why nouveau fails, I’m happy to use a supported stable (Jessie) system with a slightly tweaked kernel — rather than an avowedly unstable setup with a stock kernel that doesn’t have a prayer of working.

In the long run, somebody (with better kernel coding skills than me) needs to fix the nouveau driver to work with 64K pagesize.  However, I suspect that will be considerably harder than configuring the current kernel to use 4K pagesize, as a short-term workaround.

I’ll definitely report on how things work on my hardware with your kernel, but it will have to wait til after the weekend.  4th of July == US Independence Day == lots of neighborhood/family/etc parties and celebrations == no time for playing with computers.

I’m looking forward to sending a report soon!

On Jun 30, 2015, at 2:56 AM, Peter Saisanas <psaisanas@gmail.com> wrote:

You cant get nouveau working with your current kernel. Period.
It doesn't matter what kernel options or module options you pass, nouveau with acceleration just doesn't currently work with a 64kb     pagesize kernel.

You are falling back to the openfirmware framebuffer. I have told you to disable nouveau because it just wont work with your current kernel config for xorg, but for the console it doesnt matter.

Please install the kernel deb package for 3.18.16 i have provided from the link i have given previously.
It has been configured to work immediately without requiring any kernel options appended and even doesnt require an xorg config.

The beauty of KMS!

After installing the kernel deb files, create a new kernel boot entry in yaboot.conf and run "ybin -v" afterwards. Make sure you re-enable nouveau by taking it off the blacklist and only add modules "snd-aoa-i2sbus" and "i2c-powermac" to /etc/modules. This should get audio along with windfarm running. Update your initrd by running "update-initramfs -u".

Reboot to the 3.18.16 kernel you just installed. It should just work!

If you are hell bent on getting the latest kernel running, i can try building the absolute latest stable kernel. The most recent one i have tried successfully  is 4.0.2 but if you want something even newer, ill look into it.


Install the kernel

On 30/06/15 19:23, Rick Thomas wrote:
On Jun 30, 2015, at 1:09 AM, Rick Thomas <rbthomas@pobox.com>

You would be better off not appending any options to yaboot.conf and blacklisting nouveau for now.

I’ll give that a try!

Here’s what happens when I blacklist kernel module nouveau and set the append in yaboot.conf to just plain “ ro”.  I’m attaching /var/log/dmesg and /var/log/Xorg.0.log incase they have clues.  I notice some mentions of “nouveau” in the Xorg.0.log file.  Is this expected?


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