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Re: Bug#678066: Proposal to simplify PowerPC CD/DVD boot options

On 08/30/2012 03:00 AM, Rick Thomas wrote:
> Thanks for the explanation.  It helps me understand what's going on here.
> What you say is, of course, technically correct.  The problem I'm having
> is that this is an about-face change from previous practice. 
> Previously, 32-bit was the default, and 64-bit was the specific option. 
> Now it's the reverse.
> Has there been a sea-change?  Are G5 machines now more common than G4s? 

I do not know about the exact prevalence. Newer non-Apple PowerPC
machines, i.e. YDL PowerStation (G5) and IBM POWER machines, do not load
the Apple specific stage one boot loader at all, and they are all 64-bit
machines. Thus the reasoning to make 64-bit option a default option.

> Regardless, I'm trying to write a comprehensive set of notes on booting
> Apple PowerMacs from USB drives, and it would be nice to have this part
> fully documented.
> Is there something I can tell people to do at the OF prompt that will
> load and run the stage-one boot loader?

I was not able to figure out how to do it from OF. Apple machines are
looking for the blessed file if 'C' key is held pressed during the
machine start-up. It is the "official" manufacturer prescribed way to
boot a Mac from a CD/DVD.

Booting Apple PowerPC machines form USB is undocumented and unsupported
by the manufacturer. Thus the troubles an inconsistencies.

> If it's not possible to run the stage-one boot loader, is there
> something I can tell them to do that will pass the appropriate arguments
> to yaboot to make it do the "right thing" for their machine?

You could, but the line is pretty long to type. If you are loading
yaboot on a 32-bit machine directly from OF, it is easier to just type
install32 on the boot prompt.


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