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Re: Bug#678066: Proposal to simplify PowerPC CD/DVD boot options

Hi Milan,

On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 05:56:54PM -0400, Milan Kupcevic wrote:
>Package: debian-cd
>Tags: patch d-i wheezy
>Severity: wishlist
>I would like to propose a slight change in the way PowerPC CD/DVD boots.


>CD/DVD boot-script, which runs on PowerPC Mac machines, can detect
>whether it runs on 32-bit or 64-bit processor, then offer boot
>options accordingly. This proposed change makes 32-bit Macs offer
>32-bit boot options only. Therefore, pressing ENTER or typing
>'install' would load 32-bit kernel. On the other hand, 64-bit PowerPC
>Macs and IBM CHRP machines would offer 64-bit boot options by
>default. Therefore, pressing ENTER or typing 'install' would load
>64-bit kernel, but it would also offer 32-bit boot options such as
>install32 or expert32.


>Attached diff introduces two new files:
>boot32.msg - Boot prompt for 32-bit Macs.
>mac32.conf - Options offered on 32-bit Macs.
>Diff stats:
>data/wheezy/yaboot/boot.msg    |   18 +++++------
>data/wheezy/yaboot/boot32.msg  |   16 ++++++++++
>data/wheezy/yaboot/mac32.conf  |   35 ++++++++++++++++++++++
>data/wheezy/yaboot/ofboot.b    |    9 +++++
>data/wheezy/yaboot/yaboot.conf |   54 +++++++++++++++-------------------
>tools/boot/wheezy/boot-powerpc |   30 ++++++++++++------
>6 files changed, 113 insertions(+), 49 deletions(-)
>Any comments?

Sounds sane enough, but I'm not an expert on ppc stuff. Question
below, though:

>Index: data/wheezy/yaboot/boot.msg
>--- data/wheezy/yaboot/boot.msg	(revision 2346)
>+++ data/wheezy/yaboot/boot.msg	(working copy)
>@@ -3,16 +3,16 @@
> This is a Debian installation ${MEDIA_TYPE},
> built on ${BUILD_DATE}.
> Enter one of the following options to begin:
>-install     32-bit processor (G4 or earlier)
>-install64   64-bit processor (G5 or IBM POWER3/4/5)
>-expert      expert mode on 32-bit processor
>-expert64    expert mode on 64-bit processor
>+install     64-bit processor (G5 or POWER3/4/5/6/7)
>+install32   32-bit processor (G4 or earlier)

Is there a reason why you've dropped mention of the "expert" options

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