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BOINC package, need PowerPC upload

Dear all,

the BOINC packages
have an issue with the PowerPC build,
which was a now resolved username configuration issue. Without a valid
key these days, I am without access to the developer machines and I need
a sponsor anyway. Could some good DD soul and powerpc fan please
    apt-get source boinc  # from unstable
    cd boinc-7.0.31*
    dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -B  #or is it -b ?, should not matter
    dupload ../boinc*changes

That said, we could well need extra hands for the Debian packags of SETI
and Milkyway scientific applications for BOINC. The project maintainers
allow for other platforms than Intel to contribute, but we need to
compile our binaries ourselves. Someone with PowerPCs physically around
would be great for testing and optimisations.

Many thanks


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