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Re: Disk screwed up with ybin

Le jeudi 21 avril 2011 à 05:16 -0700, johnny-crash a écrit :
> So, next step failed. There is no target mode anymore ;-(

You mean, it does nothing at all? So, yes, your disk appears no to work
whatever the mean.

> Subsequently there is only one hope left. Maybe it is the controller and not
> the disk. Time to have a look at ifixit.com.

Do you prefer that your disk controller is dead rather than the disk?
It's part of the main bourd AFAIK, so it's a much bigger pain to change
it… Anyway, you have to take the disk appart to check that.

> I'll check out the live-CD. Maybe it comes with tools I am not aware of yet.

If not even Open-Firmware can detect the disk (as diagnosed by it not
being able to boot in target mode), it's not worth trying that: there's
definitly a hardware problem.


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