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Re: Disk screwed up with ybin

Le mardi 19 avril 2011 à 08:25 -0700, johnny-crash a écrit :
> The disk is quite new and I had never issues and just now after playing with
> ybin and rebooting a couple of times it dies? Seems to be a big coincidence 
> but, on the other hand, who knows?

Well, maybe I was a bit quick at diagnosing this. To know better, we
would need the exact dmesg output, your yaboot.conf and the partition
table of your drive.

> Maybe I put the disk into another (at best apple system) and see what
> options are left.

If you don't want to remove the disk from your laptop but still use it
as an external drive, you can boot in target mode (pressing “t” on boot)
and connect it to some firewire-enabled machine.


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