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Re: Disk screwed up with ybin


Le mardi 19 avril 2011 à 06:00 -0700, johnny-crash a écrit :
> […] the whole system froze and after
> a hard reset there was no yboot anymore. Just a white blank screen.
> I booted a macosx CD and wanted to repair the partitions but the 160 GB are
> just somehow 20 GB now. Thus I did nothing. Next I booted debian in rescue
> mode and had a look at the disk. There is nothing at all. dmsg complains
> about io-errors and block0 not readable ;-(
> What now? I do not dare to do anything without being very sure what might
> help. If someone has an idea I'd really appreciate it!

This sounds like a faulty hard disk drive. I hope you have backups of
your important data. If not, try booting any OS that work to recover as
much as you can. I think your disk is dying.


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