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Re: Disk screwed up with ybin

Le mercredi 20 avril 2011 à 05:39 -0700, johnny-crash a écrit :
> Sorry that this was misleading.

Ok, I see, no problem.

> Right, no yaboot, no OS at all. White screen means just a white screen. No
> apple logo, nothing. OpenFirmware works though.

To be sure I understand: you used to be able to boot the apple rescue
CD, but not anymore?

> So that is what I have in mind so far:
> - target mode with another mac

It should tell if your disk and connection is OK or not.

> - disassambling the disk/checking the cable connections

I think it's rather unlikely that this is the case, but yes, it may be
worth checking.

> - putting the disk in another computer
> - checking it with testdisk (hope it can deal with macosx stuff)

Yes it can (I already recovered parts of a disk with it).

> - putting my old disk (with macosx) or even a new one in the mac to see
> whether it has another 
>   hw- issue

Seems a good procedure to me.

Good luck!


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