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Re: Fan control ?

Hi, Niels.

Please, reply to the list only. I am subscribed.

On Sep 07 2009, Niels S. Eliasen wrote:
> powertop is definitely interesting.....

Invoking it as "powertop -d" gives a summary of things that you may want
to perform.

> Could this be the culprit....???
> >Sep  7 18:34:20 munin NetworkManager: <WARN>
> >request_and_convert_scan_results(): card took too much time
> >scanning.  Get a better one.
> >
> and that

Just kill network manager (and, potentially, nm-applet, wpa_supplicant
etc), if you don't need your card right now.

> >(I'm not sure if the tibook in question needs the fan thermal
> >monitoring module for powerbooks).
> tried to install the "libsensors4" package ... but that could not
> find any kind of sensors.... ;-(

I'm not sure if that's the "right" package. Perhaps sensors and sensorsd
would be a good thing, PROVIDED that any module can access the sensors,
that is.

You might want to look at the therm_adt746x and friends (I think that
this module is only for newer *books).

> >Top causes for wakeups:
> >  37,1% ( 53,6)       <interrupt> : 1    Level     VIA-PMU
> >  23,1% ( 33,4)       <interrupt> : 1    Level     eth0
> >   8,0% ( 11,6)             Xvnc4 : do_setitimer (it_real_fn)
> >   6,2% (  9,0)       <interrupt> : 1    Level     ide1

Do you need vnc right now? If not, kill it. All these things, if not
needed, will not only make your notebook consume less energy, but it
will also make your notebook slightly faster.

Getting even the latest cpu cycle is one of my goals with the lower-end

(Right now, I have some non-mainstream powerpc hardware where I'm
running Linux, some running at 200MHz, others running at 266MHz, but
with CPUs that don't feature extra instructions like Altivec).

Regards, Rogério.

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