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Re: Fan control ?


Not having a TiBook with a fan, I can't really help here.

OTOH, I have a small comment.

On Sep 07 2009, Shawn H Corey wrote:
> Actually, I was asking those questions hoping to narrow down what
> was happening.
> To find out which process is using the most CPU time, run `top`.
> (To quit, press 'q'.)  Once you get its process id (pid), run `ps
> -AH` to see if its dependent on anything.

You can find things a little bit more conveniently running a
"beautified" version of top, which does both things pointed above in a
very user friendly way.

apt-get install htop

You can see threads of processes, set CPU affinity (OK, not that useful
for single processor, single core systems, but quite useful otherwise),
kill processes *way* easier than "regular" top (without memorizing

And the best feature of all: it is *SMALL*. (I hate bloated programs
with a passion).

Also, for the problem at hand, a good thing to do would be to use
powertop. Perhaps some other benchmarking tools would be useful to
isolate the problem.

(I'm not sure if the tibook in question needs the fan thermal monitoring
module for powerbooks).

Regards, Rogério.

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