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Re: Fan control ?

Niels S. Eliasen wrote:

No .. it is not hot...... warm.. yes!.. but more like "warm as in working..." ... but hot no!

If so, then the question is what is the machine doing that its CPU is running all the time?
hmmm.... "something" is obviously running that causes this... but what exactly... and I tried .. just for the heck of it... to reboot the Tibook.. and see if that would shutdown the fan... but no!... the fan was/is on all the time..... during reboot even!

If not, then what process turned on the fan and forgot to turn it off?
exactly! but how to tell ?

Actually, I was asking those questions hoping to narrow down what was happening.

To find out which process is using the most CPU time, run `top`. (To quit, press 'q'.) Once you get its process id (pid), run `ps -AH` to see if its dependent on anything.

On the other hand, if it's running because it was forgotten, I would look at the power management processes.

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