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Re: G3 Beige Tower install help



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>>> Stephen Allen <sda2@sdf.lonestar.org> 09/08/08 11:38 PM >>> 
On Mon, Sep 08, 2008 at 10:41:09AM +0100, Nicholas Helps wrote:
> Hello Stephen / all,

Hi Nicholas:

> So, here is the way I got it to work....

[ ...]

Excellent instructions, thanks very much Nicholas ! I'm writing this from 
my G3 Beige booted into Lenny- Debian using mutt. :) I'm a happy camper.

I think you have just written the best SxS I've ever seen. You should 
write technical manuals. The thing about updating the MacOS disk driver is 
all it took, and I was able to boot into the install I had done from 
yesterday. Yay !!

Thanks to *Everyone* who helped here. Amazing that there are people around 
that remember the incantations one has to do to get these Old World boxen 
to work with a current Linux.

Nicolas, do you mind if I add these instructions to the Debian Wiki ? I'll 
be sure to give full attribution.


S.D.Allen -  Toronto

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Hello Stephen (and everyone else),

Being polite this time ;-)

Glad the step by step worked. Please make sure you acknowledge Rick as well, without this help, I would never have gotten my install working either.... The list works!

Having read the other posts about the expert installer setting, I would add that in my experience setting the installer to expert did not allow me to avoid the installer trying to install quik. On older versions (eg Woody) even without putting the installer in expert mode one could stop this (and the install manual explained how). With Etch, the installer just pushed ahead regardless of what I tried to do to stop it. Fortunately, since quik does not work with ext3 file systems, it aborted.

Hope you enjoy your new system. I have found Debian to run extremely well on these systems.

Best wishes,


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