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RE: Need Help with ATI Graphic Card bring up


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> From: Michel Dänzer [mailto:daenzer@debian.org] 
> Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2008 1:33 AM
> To: Brad Boyer
> Cc: Bizhan Gholikhamseh (bgholikh); debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org
> Subject: Re: Need Help with ATI Graphic Card bring up
>> /dev/psaux is the same as /dev/input/mice with 2.6 kernels, 
> but of course it still requires the device node to actually 
> exist, which doesn't seem the case here. There should be 
> plenty of documentation on how to configure the mouse 
> properly, and in the meantime you could try starting the X 
> server with -allowMouseOpenFail to ignore a broken mouse 
> configuration.
> Unfortunately though, it doesn't look like the video driver 
> calls the video BIOS to initialize the graphics card, so I'm 
> afraid it still won't work. You may need to try newer X.org 
> releases or hack the driver.
I am working on a legacy system, my last attempt will be to upgrade to X.org. 
However if you do not mind be more specific about what hack in the driver I need.
I did changed the kernel to include x86 bios emulation and configured the -allowMouseOpenFail (in the XF86Config).
I thing the driver is able to talk to the card, but not sure, this time I am getting segmentation failure.
I have attached the new files, please if you could let me know if I am still stuck with BIOS issue?

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