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Re: Need Help with ATI Graphic Card bring up

On Tue, Aug 05, 2008 at 04:30:58PM -0700, Bizhan Gholikhamseh (bgholikh) wrote:
> Sorry it took a while, I had issue to boot the system due to some other reason.
> I enabled "Virtual Terminal" in the kernel build, and here is the output:
> root@MPC837xMDS:/etc/X11# XFree86 -help 2>&1|grep -i vt
> vtXX                   use the specified VT number
> After that I ran the startx and seems it went furture, however, still it failed.
> I am using usb mouse and keyboard.
> I have attached the XFree86 log file and also the config file. 

One thing I noticed in the log file is that it couldn't find your
mouse. You have it configured to use /dev/psaux, but I think a USB
mouse shows up at /dev/input/mice. I'm sure someone will correct me
if that is wrong.

	Brad Boyer

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