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Re: PowerMac G4 : how to enable the server mode ?

On Tue, 2006-11-28 at 14:27 -0500, Stefan Bruda wrote:
> Michael Schmitz wrote:
> >
> > I'm pretty sure the decision to disable autoboot on shutdown was a design
> > decision. If you want a shutdown followed by automatic powerup, you should
> > have used reboot.
> Except on power failures...

Well, on power failures it works. On explicit manual shutdown, I disable
it or the machine would just come back (actually some machines would,
some won't, some might even silently disable it in that case, I think it
depends on the generation of PMU firmware).

> By the way, has anybody tried this trick of the PowerMacs G5?  I have a
> first generation (PowerMac7,2) and as far as I figured out I am able to
> enable server_mode but this does not seem to make any difference.  Any
> (other) experience on the matter?

It should work on a PMU based G5 like this one... I'm pretty sure I had
it working. For SMU based machines, you need a different mecanism to
send the SMU command. I reverse engineered the command the other day on
irc and I think somebody wrote a tool though I can't remember who :-0


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