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Re: PowerBook G4 (5.9) Debian Sound problem

Steffen Thoss <steffen@thoss4you.de> writes:

> I'm new to Linux on the PowerPC and have a problem with the sound on my
> PowerBook (1.67 Ghz) Modell 5.9.
> The problem is that the Gnome System sounds are working but all other
> sound like mp3, DVD sound or radio streaming don't. Sometimes I just get
> a noise and sometimes just nothing. I also have a constant low noise
> from the speaker all the time. First I thought it's from the harddisk
> but its from the speakers.

I don't know about the second problem, but the first could be caused
by DRC (dynamic range compression) -- those event sounds are short
enough that it mightn't trigger for those.

To check if this is the case, look for the "DRC Switch" slider in your
ALSA mixer program and either crank it up to 100% or "mute" it to
disable DRC.

Paul Collins
Wellington, New Zealand

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