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Re: which serious bugs exactly? (Re: if you care about debian on powerpc, please react ...)

On Sun, Nov 26, 2006 at 09:10:19PM -0200, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> writes:
> >> Well, it's right and wrong. Those modules don't need to be available
> >> while booting but be loaded just after init is being run (I might be
> >> wrong here) but if I got right there's a problem on 2.6.18 kernel that
> >> doesn't instruct udev to load them and including them on
> >> initramfs-tools/modules or /etc/modules is a nice workaround for the
> >> problem.
> >> 
> >> Am I wrong?
> >
> > Indeed, but somewhere in initramfs, there is a place where additional modules
> > are loaded, and this loads i2c-powermac and therm_pm72 right now, but not the
> > windfarm modules.
> >
> > We could do an initramfs hook package which would provide suitable stuff
> > there, or include it in initramfs proper.
> Yes. We could but it would add another package on archive while the
> fix is a simple change on initramfs itself. I don't think it's a good
> trade of.

Well, the initramfs-tools is a hook based technology. We could add  that hook
to a package dependeded upon by the kernel or always installed in powerpc
installs. Like mkvmlinuz for example. But yes, fixing it in initramfs-tools is
nicer. Now that the d-i problem is solved, i will ping again maks, and maybe
provide the d-i patch to him again, or send him a patch directly.

That said, the problem is more subtle in initramfs, because in d-i, loading
extra modules on powerpc64 hardware is not really a problem, but we may not
wish to do so in the installed system, to not clutter lsmod output if nothing


Sven Luther

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