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Re: which serious bugs exactly? (Re: if you care about debian on powerpc, please react ...)


On Sunday 26 November 2006 11:39, Johannes Berg wrote:
> > And really, loud fans are an issue, but they don't make the installer
> > completly usuable (play some louder music during the 30mins of
> > installations, whatever) for the minority of powerpc users with such a
> > hardware, while there
> Clearly you belong to the majority who don't own such a machine. 

Right. (Not that I would not like to have one :)

> In this 
> case, it does really make the whole machine pretty much unusable.

During installation. How often does one install?

> Besides (I might be mistaken) if the installer doesn't know about those
> modules then they won't be in the installed system either, no?

AFAIK they are incuded in the sid kernels (at least, maybe etch too) and you 
can easily manually load them. Problem solved.  (And _if_ they weren't in the 
kernel, the kernel team would need to enable them, and Sven is part of the 
kernel team. And if they are not in etch, it's the kernel teams duty again.)

A note for the d-i RC1 errata ("do $this+that after installation to make the 
fans less noisy") would defintly be nice - but certainly anybody with access 
to the hardware can write such a note. 

(Basically it's in the last commits at
which I cannot access atm (writing offline) and all you need to do do is to 
load three modules.)


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