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Re: which serious bugs exactly? (Re: if you care about debian on powerpc, please react ...)


> During installation. How often does one install?

Well, it does take a while :) Though when I installed mine, the
installer didn't work at all yet because the kernel was too old so I
built my own installer... I also occasionally hack the low level kernel
code so I guess I simply don't count as a user in this discussion ;)

> AFAIK they are incuded in the sid kernels (at least, maybe etch too) and you 
> can easily manually load them. Problem solved.

Yes, I should have said "won't be loaded in the installed system". As a
user I'd have to know which ones to load which is a support problem we
wouldn't have if the installer just wrote the proper lines
to /etc/modules. I understand it does now, but I don't understand why
such a trivial change is generating this much noise (actually, I have my
suspicions but that's beside the point). But then, I haven't understood
the whole noise and probably don't want to.

That said, the time being spent on this particular issue alone would
suffice to fix the upstream kernel to auto-load the modules in question
based on smu sysfs nodes or whatever... (and in fact, that's the way I
work with(out) Debian most of the time; if something bothers me I fix it


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