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Re: which serious bugs exactly? (Re: if you care about debian on powerpc, please react ...)


On Saturday 25 November 2006 23:08, Sven Luther wrote:
> Thank you for this, why could you not at least leave me alone ?

Because you spread FUD about the debian-powerpc port and claim it's so broken 
it needs to be removed from etch?!

> joeyh accused me of delaying single-handledly the release a full week for a
> very minor typo.

This might be^w^wis unfortunate, that a single typo at the wrong place and 
time can delay a release by a week, but if it's like this, then it is like 
this. And if you don't understand this, maybe you should not be in the 
position to make such typos and cause such delays?

> > For the sake of the users of the powerpc-port I'll quote here what I
> > replied to your mail to debian-release on this wednesday about the same
> > issue.
> I saw now such thing, assuredly you forgot to CC me, right ?

No. I didn't cc: you on purpose, because that's how the code of conduct on 
debian mailing lists is. If a person doesn't explicitly request a cc: you 
don't cc: that person. It's commonly considered unpolite to cc: people on 
mailinglists and this policy is written down. And you have been told this 
many times.

> Yeah, this is your accusation. But still, frans and you and others have
> also killed my motivation, but i still continue to work on debian, because
> i care for the users. When was your last contribution ?

I'm perfectly aware that you're motivation is also hurt. But you are not the 
only one in this world.

Last weekend I created 
http://developer.skolelinux.no/~holger/archivestatus/needs_love.html and my 
primary motivation for this was to bring the debian-edu-powerpc port into 

> Please go ahead, and count my patches and commits. I number 20-30 of them
> since june. What have you done in this whole last year for powerpc ?

I'm perfectly aware that you contributed more code for powerpc than I. But 
contributing code is not the only thing that counts.

> > If you would have worked (as I suggested to you in June (or July?) this
> > year)
> And i did so.

No. You started to bash and rant and attack people on various lists and 
demanded your commit rights back.

> > on patches and bugreports and not continuesly ranted and insulted the
> > people who cannot work with you (which you have done on >5 lists and by
> > writing
> Who, as you, chose to not work with me.

Yes. Because I don't get any work done with you but just engange in effectivly 
useless discussions with you. So I rather do something else. Instead of 
writing this email, I could have contributed my research about the memory 
requirements for d-i on powerpc for the installation manual for example. 
Instead of doing so I write this email, which I sadly believe (been there, 
done that, too often) is a waste of time.

That I still write this email has two reasons: I still have empathy for you, I 
would be very happy if you would understand that this whole situation is not 
about you as a person, even though your current and past behaviors are (IMO) 
the main reason the situation is like it is. And I do care about powerpc and 
it's users. So I see a need to correct your misinformations.

> Since then, my upload of the fan control patch was reverted without
> mention, after it had rested for a full 29 days in the BTS without a single
> comment.

The patch is in svn now. 

And the patch rested in svn, because we're preparing a release (candidate) and 
shortly before releasing such a thing, the packages are uploading (with all 
changes from svn) to include new translations for example. This is why your 
patch rested in the BTS, to be included after the RC1 release as it has been 
done now.

And really, loud fans are an issue, but they don't make the installer 
completly usuable (play some louder music during the 30mins of installations, 
whatever) for the minority of powerpc users with such a hardware, while there 
is a risk of breaking the whole powerpc port by commiting last-minute 

I appreciate a conservative release policy for the sake of all users.

> currently shiping powerpc hardware are :
>   IBM pseries : not really supported, patch sitting without comment since
>   months, early work lost because of svn commit conflicts.

raise the bug severity? which bug#, btw?

>   Genesi Efika : upcoming product, patches not ready for 2.6.18, will not
> be supported in etch.

debian never supported non-available hardware so far, and upcoming products 
are often delayed or changed. And this machine is not exacly currently 

And you're in the kernel team and have commit rights there, so you can make 
the patches ready for 2.6.18...

>   Mercury 1U G5 servers : never saw one of those, the linux/powerpc
> upstream guys have no idea how it works, may work identical to IBM pseries,
> or not, but in any case, i wouldn't mention them as supported.

Right. Nor would I. So what, exactly?

>   Sony PS3 : no hardware available to us, not supported right now.

Right. So what?

>   assorted powerpc embededed hardware: not supported by debian as is.

So let's drop the powerpc port??

	Holger (and now I will drop this thread for real.)

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