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Re: GWorkspace doesn't work in Sarge

Jeffrey Rolland wrote:
> I have a Power Macintosh 7500/100 running Debian Sarge.
> I have recently switched from KDE to GNUStep/WindowMaker, and I am  
> having a problem with GWorkspace.
> Can anyone help sort out why GWorkspace doesn't work? I would really  
> appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Most of the warnings are harmless, but I'm very surprised that it
doesn't work.  I don't have a Sarge machine with GNUstep installed to
check this.

Please ensure that GWorkspace is not running in the background,
i.e. that it is not started when you start your X session.

Also, try to start gdnc (GNUstep Distribution Notification Center)
first -- see the manpage how to do that. (gdnc is shipped in the
gnustep-base-common package which you should have installed because of
the dependency chain).

Finally, I'd suggest filing a bug in the BTS as it seems that the
other GNUstep maintainers are not subscribed to -powerpc.

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