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Re: Mouse/keyboard problem

I think this is the same as my problem. I've been watching this weird behaviour, and it seems the mouse/cursor sometimes gets stuck in a particular dialog or area of a window, and doesn't follow me when I go to a new window or program, etc. Going back to the previous window and right-clicking in the right place (such as OK button dialogs, or text entry forms on webpages, etc) seems to free it up.
Does anyone know anything about this?


Javier Ramirez wrote:
I am having another issue realted to this.

I am currently runnind debian on my powerbook and for some reason when
I leave some button press for quite an amount of time the cursor
sticks in some side of the screen and I can't never use the keyboard

I have to reebot in order to work properly again. This happens
everytime I leave the  keys press for some time. Is there any way to
work around this?

thanks in advance.


On 11/24/06, James Dunn <james@4thharmonic.com> wrote:

I have a weird problem with my mouse and/or keyboard, I'm hoping someone
has the answer to this as it's extremely irritating!
Basically, sometimes the mouse freezes, and most keyboard functions
don't seem to work either such as alt-c to close the window, ctrl-w
/ctrl-q to exit, etc.. Also, alt-tab won't work, but alt-f4 usually does
the trick.
Another way to get my mouse/keyboard back is ctrl-click on the panel
(mouseemu) which sometimes works. In fact, ctrl-clicking anywhere seems
to free things up a bit. My system is usually ok on booting up, but will
inevitably fall into this state at some point. I thought it might be
firefox at first, but removing that did nothing. I also tried removing
and reinstalling mouseemu and pbbuttonsd.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I'd appreciate any
suggestions of where to look..

many thanks


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