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Mouse/keyboard problem


I have a weird problem with my mouse and/or keyboard, I'm hoping someone has the answer to this as it's extremely irritating! Basically, sometimes the mouse freezes, and most keyboard functions don't seem to work either such as alt-c to close the window, ctrl-w /ctrl-q to exit, etc.. Also, alt-tab won't work, but alt-f4 usually does the trick. Another way to get my mouse/keyboard back is ctrl-click on the panel (mouseemu) which sometimes works. In fact, ctrl-clicking anywhere seems to free things up a bit. My system is usually ok on booting up, but will inevitably fall into this state at some point. I thought it might be firefox at first, but removing that did nothing. I also tried removing and reinstalling mouseemu and pbbuttonsd.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I'd appreciate any suggestions of where to look..

many thanks


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