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Re: if you care about debian on powerpc, please react ...

Torrance schreef:

On 23/11/2006, at 10:32 AM, Jan Stedehouder wrote:

One way to achieve this is by appointing a group of independent arbiters that look into the matter, where both parties can present their case and which can make a binding judgment. The judgment can be -correct if I am wrong- the removal of the rights of the party to which substantiated blame can attributed to or the removal of those rights for both parties. If the community decided this is a good thing and one or both parties refuse to cooperate... well, then it is decided.

Yes, I think this is also the best way forward. Although, I might advise that it is first best to make mediation non-binding and see if both parties can voluntarily come to an understanding - something which may take a few sessions. If this does fail, then only then do I think we should make mediation binding.

I don't know the issue or the parties involved, so cannot volunteer, sorry.


I would say that would make you excellently qualified, both for the mediation attempt (I agree wholeheartedly) and for the role as arbiter. Without prior knowledge or relation with the parties involved you/we could decide the case on merit, not on emotion.

Jan Stedehouder

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