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Re: if you care about debian on powerpc, please react ...

Sven Luther schreef:
On Wed, Nov 22, 2006 at 08:34:54PM +0100, Jan Stedehouder wrote:
Hi to all,

I am only a casual user of Debian on the PPC and hardly in a position to judge, to opinionate or to choose. It is easy to choose for the first one that speaks, but as my mother used to say: "when two are fighting, two are to blame". Maybe my mother had the kind of simple wisdom that all involved in this conflict could begin with.

Conflicts of this kind in volunteer driven projects are not uncommon and this one will most likely not be the last. They stem from the same desire and urge to deliver the best result possible, which is great. But when there is no agreement the discussion can be a heated one and in the end harm the project in which all parties have an emotional stake. This project is no different.

Simply put, if a conflict can not be resolved peacefully, if no substantiated blame is available and if all involved threaten the future perspective of Debian PPC, then I see only one solution for the community: to remove both parties from the project. It might be painfull in the short run, but highly beneficial in the long run.

I wish you all a lot of wisdom

Well, the problem is that the current situation is unbalanced where one of the
party has all the power, and is also judge over the behaviour of the other
party, and on top of that doesn't seem, even after over 6 months, to be able
to leave the issue aside and work together for the greater good, then maybe
your above analysis doesn't apply to the situation.

And if one party is trying to ammend, and makes every effort to work together
again, but get replyed "FUCK YOU", well, i think it is highly unfair to say
that both are to blame, don't you think ?
If such is the case, there is a substantiated blame and matters can be decided. One way to achieve this is by appointing a group of independent arbiters that look into the matter, where both parties can present their case and which can make a binding judgment. The judgment can be -correct if I am wrong- the removal of the rights of the party to which substantiated blame can attributed to or the removal of those rights for both parties. If the community decided this is a good thing and one or both parties refuse to cooperate... well, then it is decided.

I wouldn't mind to volunteer to be a part of that group of arbiters, because I do care about Debian PPC and open source development in general. The concept of power just doesn't sound right in connection with Debian, not right at all.

Peace, fellow travellers in the digital realm
Jan Stedehouder

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