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Re: if you care about debian on powerpc, please react ...

Hi to all,

I am only a casual user of Debian on the PPC and hardly in a position to judge, to opinionate or to choose. It is easy to choose for the first one that speaks, but as my mother used to say: "when two are fighting, two are to blame". Maybe my mother had the kind of simple wisdom that all involved in this conflict could begin with.

Conflicts of this kind in volunteer driven projects are not uncommon and this one will most likely not be the last. They stem from the same desire and urge to deliver the best result possible, which is great. But when there is no agreement the discussion can be a heated one and in the end harm the project in which all parties have an emotional stake. This project is no different.

Simply put, if a conflict can not be resolved peacefully, if no substantiated blame is available and if all involved threaten the future perspective of Debian PPC, then I see only one solution for the community: to remove both parties from the project. It might be painfull in the short run, but highly beneficial in the long run.

I wish you all a lot of wisdom

Jan Stedehouder

Sven Luther schreef:
Hi, ...

As some of you may have noticed, there is an ugly dispute going on between
some few d-i team members (Frans Pop and Joey Hess mostly, but Geert and
Holger also seem to support them), and which result in a over 6 month old
dispute who is not even near to being resolved, despite numerous and various
attempts to do so on my part. I have documented this issue somewhat on :


But despite these numerous attempts on my part to resolve this issue, and the
numerous patches and fixes i have provided to not let the powerpc d-i rot and
become more broken, there seem to be a clear will on the part of Frans Pop to
take the powerpc users hostage in his warfar against me, and there are a
number of patches which are now submitted since a few weeks, and which where
not applied. As an example let's take the following bug :
  #394971: rootskel: [powerpc64] load the fan control modules.

Which was submited 29 days ago, with a patch and not commited.

Furthemore, when i did myself an upload on sunday, which included the patch
and fixed the bug report, Frans didn't incorporate the change, but reverted it

As thus, in the current conditions, i fear for the support of d-i on powerpc
for the etch release, and thus the quality of the release. I strongly urge you
all to sign the petition to get this issue solved on :


Since you are all kind of held hostage over this petty dispute, by them
stopping me to do work on d-i for powerpc, and in general wasting too much
time on this matter, time i could spend working generally on the powerpc port.


Sven Luther

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