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Re: if you care about debian on powerpc, please react ...

On Wed, Nov 22, 2006 at 10:32:36PM +0100, Jan Stedehouder wrote:
> If such is the case, there is a substantiated blame and matters can be 
> decided. One way to achieve this is by appointing a group of independent 
> arbiters that look into the matter, where both parties can present their 
> case and which can make a binding judgment. The judgment can be -correct 
> if I am wrong- the removal of the rights of the party to which 
> substantiated blame can attributed to or the removal of those rights for 
> both parties. If the community decided this is a good thing and one or 
> both parties refuse to cooperate... well, then it is decided.

Yeah, well, the natural recurse for such cases it to appeal to the DPL, but
sadly, our current DPL doesn't seem to be very good at mediating, or this
issue would have been solved months ago.

I have some doubts that frans and co will accept any kind of control from
random outsiders though, did you see joeyh's reaction to the support page ? 

> I wouldn't mind to volunteer to be a part of that group of arbiters, 
> because I do care about Debian PPC and open source development in 
> general. The concept of power just doesn't sound right in connection 
> with Debian, not right at all.

Yeah, me too, i always believed that if you do good work, your work will be
recognized and accepted. This is how debian should work, but there certainly
is a a subgroup of DDs who do good work and are able to give lot of time to
debian, and this has brought them to a position on proeminence, which i
believe somehow has gotten to their heads.

> Peace, fellow travellers in the digital realm

Good words those.


Sven Luther

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