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Re: Problems with Dial-up on Old World Mac

On Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 04:41:19PM +0000, Jeffrey Rolland wrote:
> Sorry, I got sidetracked last night.

I certainly understand. There's always something going on that keeps
me away from getting other stuff done.

> Here's what I found in daemaon.log.0 for October 22:
> Oct 22 19:27:52 computername atalkd[1307]: restart (2.0.2)
> Oct 22 19:27:54 computername atalkd[1307]: zip_getnetinfo for eth0
> Oct 22 19:28:14 computername last message repeated 2 times
> Oct 22 19:28:24 computername atalkd[1307]: config for no router
> Oct 22 19:28:25 computername atalkd[1307]: ready 0/0/0
> Oct 22 19:28:41 computername afpd[1313]: Loading ConfigFile
> Oct 22 19:28:41 computername afpd[1313]: Finished parsing Config File
> Oct 22 19:28:52 computername afpd[1313]: Can't register 
> computername:AFPServer@*
> Oct 22 19:28:52 computername afpd[1313]: ASIP started on 

My log shows something very similar. I note that in your log afpd is
showing the same sort of registration error you were getting during
the netatalk startup during the other nbp name registration commands.
One thing I have to ask, tho. Is the hostname of your computer really
"computername"? If this is just something you have put in to replace
the real hostname, I would be interested to know if there are any
non-alphanumeric characters in the hostname. I would not be surprised
in the least to hear that atalkd doesn't check the strings in some way.

	Brad Boyer

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