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Re: Daystar Genesis MP Quad 604e mac clone with debian

On Tue, 2006-10-17 at 00:14 +1000, Dana Sibera wrote:
> I've just come across one of these beasties - 4x180MHz 604e CPUs -  
> and it's just not taking to the kernels supplied with debian very  
> well. I've tried with bootx 1.2.2 using the kernels on the netinst cd  
> - both 2.4 and 2.6 for PowerPC. 2.4 doesn't get to the first text  
> screen but just locks up the machine, and 2.6 only gets the first  
> text screen - without getting to the stage of showing a Penguin up  
> top of the screen.
> It has 896MB RAM, a single internal SCSI drive and I've tried with  
> both an ixmicro twinturbo 128 card, and a rage pro, but neither make  
> a difference.
> Any clues on which way to turn now?

Weird.... We do have support for the 4 CPU card in there. I'm not sure
what is wrong at this point.

What precise kernel version have you tried ? Also, what graphics card
are you using in this machine ? Have you tried BootX option "no video
driver" ?

It might be useful to try to netboot from OF instead. Might be more
reliable, and using OF over a serial port will probably provide better

You can do that by setting up a bootp/tftp server (enable the bootp
option in dhcp for the former, and install tftpd for the later) and
doing "boot enet". With a little bit of luck it will work on your OF
version (it works on most oldworld machines), at least provided you use
the on-board ethernet.


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