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Daystar Genesis MP Quad 604e mac clone with debian

I've just come across one of these beasties - 4x180MHz 604e CPUs - and it's just not taking to the kernels supplied with debian very well. I've tried with bootx 1.2.2 using the kernels on the netinst cd - both 2.4 and 2.6 for PowerPC. 2.4 doesn't get to the first text screen but just locks up the machine, and 2.6 only gets the first text screen - without getting to the stage of showing a Penguin up top of the screen.

It has 896MB RAM, a single internal SCSI drive and I've tried with both an ixmicro twinturbo 128 card, and a rage pro, but neither make a difference.

Any clues on which way to turn now?


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