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Re: synaptics @ PowerBook ?

Johannes Berg wrote:
> Hi Eddy,

Hi Johannes,

> We never did two finger scrolling, but at the right side works here for
> me.

Ah, ok.

>> I tried to configure the touchpad of my powerbook, but I didn't managed
>> to. Is it possible to do that on a PowerBook (5,2)? If it can be done, how?
> Doesn't the 5,2 still have an atp (or adb??) touchpad? For all I know,
> the right-side scrolling works only for appletouch usb touchpads. The
> config for X for that is in the kernel's Documentation directory
> somewhere in input/appletouch.txt or so.

AFAIK, 5,2 has indeed the ADB touch pad. Is there something in the
hardware that prevents implementing at least the right-side-scroll (and
maybe bottom-scroll?) feature on the ADB touch pads?

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