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Re: call for testers: powerpc graphical debian installer

On 06/ott/06, at 09:08, Sven Luther wrote:

Booting with no option: the graphical installer starts OK, but the
trackpad does not work (the keyboard does though).

What about fiddling with the disable-module=linux_input line ?

Commenting out the linux_input line the installer won't start.
Commenting out the radeon line the installer starts but the trackpad doesn't work, as before.
Commenting out both the installer won't start.

Booting with "install video=ofonly": the boot process seems to enter
a loop trying to start the installer (can't tell what happens
exactly, the messages are scrolling too fast). Tried to switch VTs,
but the machine froze.

video=ofonly is not an option for g-i then.

I managed to read some of the error messages (they are the same as reported by Jan Schukat):

(!!!) * UNIMPLEMENTED [fusion_reactor_set_lock] *** [../../../lib/ fusion/reactor.c: 853]
(!) * DirectFB/FBDev: Panning display failed!
      --> Invalid argument
(!) [1492: 0.000] --> Caught signal 11 (at 0x3095000) Invalid permissions
      <-- Killed

If there is interest, next week I might be
able to test the mini.iso on a 7600/200 and a 9600/350.

Those are oldworld machines, they will not work in the current state of

I'll try and test them anyway, who knows? If nothing else, it'll provide an answer to what you wrote at the beginning of this thread:

i am not
sure about the oldworld status, but it would be interesting to know if those
images can be booted with bootx.



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