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call for testers: powerpc graphical debian installer

Hi all,

It seems we finally got most issues with the graphical installer on powerpc
sorted out, thanks to all those who tested, and to Attilio who provided the
patch. I have done a build which you can find at :


(Well, in an hour or so, once i finish uploading it).

We would like people to test the gtk-miniiso images, both on 32bit and 64bit
machines, and would probably be most interested in tests from those not using
radeon graphic cards, like those having nvidia based powermacs.

A list of known issues, and already tested hardware can be found here :


Where you can see what is missing. Please report here, and/or file in that
page, if you have hardware not yet tested.

prep boxes are known not to work yet (needs 2.6.18 -prep kernel), and i am not
sure about the oldworld status, but it would be interesting to know if those
images can be booted with bootx.


Sven Luther

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