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bcm43xx finally working, with encryption too!!!

Ruben wrote:

At Wed, 11 Jan 2006 09:39:01 +1100, Aaron Kerr wrote:
Thanks. I will try waiting a few minutes after setting up the connection.

I timed it this morning, and it only worked after 4 minutes.  It's
possible this has something to do with my access point.
Authentication and association with the AP happens almost immediately.

Your delays when running route or netstat could be a DNS lookup failure.
Try "netstat -rn" which will not try to translate IP addresses to names.

Thanks (and thanks to Michael)... that was indeed the reason.


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well i have got eventually the AirPort card working WITH WEP SECURITY ON!!!
i guess it  was basically a driver issue cos using the latest bcm43xx driver
(actually  bcm43xx-20060115.tar.bz) as welll as today's softmac-snapshot
both the driver and the modules were compiled smoothly (despite some
warning messages in bcm43xx!)
Perhaps it was also a matter of the AppleAirport2 firmware file
ie. the MacOS X file /System/Library/Extensions/AppleAirPort2.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleAirPort2 the latest one from MacOS X 10.4.4 did not produce the error messages that earlier version did
when running fwcutter!

At any rate, the thing is that the modules run OK, encryotion does work
(at the moment using WEP key 64-bit hex)
and also without the nasty hang ups and so on that I observed with the earlier versions (eg, if you were deactivating the wired interface eth0 and then were trying to activate the wireless one, the system could hang, or evev if you were just unplugging the ethernet plug!!!)

so a big thanks to the community serving this wonderful work
one more proof of what a power the community is!!!

(and yes this was the last main reason for still using MacOS X , sorry!!!!)
(OK, if only the sound drivers was working fully too!!!!)

(PS. this mail is of course being sent wirelessly!!!)

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