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Re: Files for BootX

On Saturday, January 14, 2006, at 06:13 PM, Hans Ekbrand wrote:

That sounds nice. I have sent a patch for the problem you (and others)
have met, but I welcome any enhancements to that patch. The bug I
filed is #344477, available here:


Oh, good idea! LIke I said, if I can get this thing to boot up, I would be glad to detail my experiences. I was thinking of putting them on LinuxQuestions.org also.

Even if you have already installed Debian, you need to start the
debian-installer again. You will not need to reinstall, but there are
files (a new kernel and a new initrd) on the partition that you
installed Debian on that you need to copy to the MacOS partition so
those files can be loaded by BootX.

So, restart the debian-installer, and run it until it has identified
your hardware (detected the harddisk). At that point you should get a
shell prompt. (Either from the debian-installer menu, or by pressing
Alt-F2). Now you must mount the partition where debian was installed, something like this:

# mount /dev/hda12 /mnt

# mkdir /mnt
# mount /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part12 /mnt

Then "go into" that partition by the following:

# chroot /mnt

# chroot /mnt

then mount the MacOS partition, below I asume it is at /dev/hda11.

# mount /dev/hda11 /mnt

# mount /dev/hda10 /mnt
mount /dev/hda10 has wrong device number or fs type hfs not supported.

Hans, thanks for the help! I _NEVER_ would thought to do that. But, I think I see where you are going with this. Those two files:


need to be used by BootX to boot my machine. I thought Debian supported hfs volumes. Oh well, I guess not! :) Moving those files off of that filesystem is a bit tricky at this point. I can't ftp because network services are not up and running. It looks like the software infrastructure is not in place for those files to be transferred to a place where BootX can use them.

Perhaps I should install Quik, boot into Debian (finally!), ftp those files out to a convenient machine and then wipe the hard drive. I could then install MacOS, use "Fetch" to bring those two files back, and install them for BootX to use. Then, for the eighth time, I could install Debian! :)

Sound reasonable?

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