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Re: yaboot not coming up

thats real easy to fix, ill just wack some slashes on comments
for clarity

/*just get into the apples bios thingy (i know it has a real name...
/*open firmware thats the one) by pressing at boot

command + option + O + F/

/*at the openfirmware prompt type the following

boot hd:9,yaboot

/*however your partition number will most likely vary

/*you should then be in linux, then as root youll need
/*to edit the /etc/yaboot.conf file to accomidate osx
/*then at a prompt type


/* that should be all


Joubin Moshrefzadeh wrote:
This is probably more a Mac issue than a Debian one, but here goes anyway :)

I was happily booting with yaboot for a while, until I needed to activate the root user in OS X (Tiger) on my 15" PB.. following the advice of some quick searches online, i ended up doing it the roundabout way, using the Mac restore disks which once booted allow you to activate the root password... ( and later found out I can do it just as easily from within OS X... doh!!)

Long story short, ever since then when I restart the laptop, I never see yaboot any more... by default it always boots OS X. Further searches online pointed me to holding some combination of keys when the laptop is booting, but there must be a setting somewhere I need to set so by default i hit yaboot and am given the choice which os to boot...

any hints?

Much appreciated!

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