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Re: CardBus bridge and wireless card plugged into it use same IRQ: Correct?

> Thanks for the question, which, as it seems, is also an answer ... :)
> My early computer lessons, IIRC, made me believe that 2 devices should
> not share the same IRQ ... I wasn't sure, whether this is still valid:
> Windows <whatever-version>, please see:
> <http://www.buildorbuy.org/irqmap.html>

It's generally better and is avoided in most cases on Macs. But cardbus
is a bit "special" and the way it is physically connected on Macs makes
it always share interrupt between the host controller and the devices.
This isn't _too_ bad though.

> As I said: In this case, where the radiocard shares the irq with the
> bridge it is connected to I thought it might not hurt. But I was not
> sure on that ...
> I'm trying to set up a little wifi-network, and it does not always
> work as it should: With my questions I simply wanted to make sure the
> IRQ "issue" actually isn't one, and that it is not the source of my
> wifi troubles...

Shouldn't be a problem in this case.

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