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Re: Advice: USB wireless adapter for PB 12" running Ubantu

On Sunday 07 August 2005 08:57, Christopher Adkins wrote:
> As a result I'm looking for a cheap USB wireless adapter which will
> function on the Ubantu side.
> Does anyone have any advice on what brands will actually work?  I've
> looked through some compatibility sites but what I would really like
> to hear is advice from people who currently have similar systems and
> a USB wireless adapter that works with PPC and ubantu/debian (2.6
> kernel).

Any device with a RT2500USB chipset (aka RT2570) should work with 
ural-linux [1] which is a port of the BSD ural driver [2].  My initial 
motivation for this port was exactly to have Wi-Fi with my 12" 
Powerbook under Debian.

Based on this chipset, the Asus WL-167G is very cheap, at least in 
Paris: 30 euros.

The driver still have some issues, WEP support is still among them, but 
is reliabily working with on a daily basis, at least for me. :)

[1] http://etudiants.insia.org/~jbobbio/ural-linux/
[2] http://damien.bergamini.free.fr/ral/


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