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Re: will linus work on ppc dev now?

On Thu, 2005-10-03 at 10:17 +0000, Wee-Jin Goh wrote:
> On a more serious note, how does one go about figuring out how to even
> write the driver for Airport Extreme? I have made some simple kernel
> modules, following the tutorial on TLDP, but not anything serious.
> I've
> got no idea where you'd start to reverse engineer anything.
> I've got an Airport Extreme, and in the coming weeks, I'm going to
> finally have free time again to do my own thing, so having the
> opportunity to play around with some driver development will be great
> fun and at any rate, at least I'll learn something (even if it is that
> kernel development is really hard :-)
help out with

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