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Re: will linus work on ppc dev now?

> > Linus is mostly using the G5, not really using it for developpement of
> > ppc/ppc64 specific support, this is still in the hand of the good old
> > team lead by Paul Mackerras :)
> i was thinking also that its not the 'port' thats the problem but more 
> the lack of specs to support peripherals. powerpc chips are open spec
> i believe and IBM has an interest in the platform being stable in linux
> but they dont give a rats about airport extreme or DRI etc.
> which leads me into thinking that i cant see linus hacking airport
> extreme or doing some big X development.

It has nothing to do with IBM's involvement. In fact, if you look
closely at the DRI lists, you'll see some IBM folks involved ;)

DRI for r300 is beeing worked one based on reverse engineering (paulus
got bzflag working nicely on his G5 the other day) . Airport Extreme is
a different matter, it's more complex and we all have alternate
solutions, so nobody is spending time of that, but you are welcome to do
so :)


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