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Re: will linus work on ppc dev now?

It has nothing to do with IBM's involvement. In fact, if you look
closely at the DRI lists, you'll see some IBM folks involved ;)

im not saying they arent involved. my point was more they ship ppc
based servers - so core stability would be my goal if i was them
not bells and whistles.

DRI for r300 is beeing worked one based on reverse engineering (paulus
got bzflag working nicely on his G5 the other day) . Airport Extreme is
a different matter, it's more complex and we all have alternate
solutions, so nobody is spending time of that, but you are welcome to do
so :)

send me an airport express and then teach me some kernel coding and ill
get to it...

i would prefer someone to just sync some scanning code in for orinoco and make something official.


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