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Re: will linus work on ppc dev now?

This is ooold news... I think Linus has been using the G5 as his main
machine for about a year or so. I don't know about the impact of that
for ppc64, but I think it's been about zero for ppc32 so far.

As I recall (and I think maddog said this in a speech) the only reason why
Linus ported Linux to Alpha versus PPC was the fact that DEC got an Alpha
in his hands before he got the PPC machine. Weird how things come full circle, Linus has a PPC machine and Alpha is just about dead.

Linus is mostly using the G5, not really using it for developpement of
ppc/ppc64 specific support, this is still in the hand of the good old
team lead by Paul Mackerras :)

i was thinking also that its not the 'port' thats the problem but more the lack of specs to support peripherals. powerpc chips are open spec
i believe and IBM has an interest in the platform being stable in linux
but they dont give a rats about airport extreme or DRI etc.

which leads me into thinking that i cant see linus hacking airport
extreme or doing some big X development.


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