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Re: Orinoco Dirver with monitor support

On Wed, Mar 09, 2005 at 08:59:05AM +0100, Paul Puschmann wrote:

> > So my request again if anybody got Orinoco standalone monitoring wireless 
> > drivers compiled for PPC and Kernel 2.6.8 could you please email them to me?
> > 
> I used the kernel-patch from www.kismetwireless.net and compiled the
> kernel via make-kpkg. i have to admit that this worked on a x86-system,
> but it should work on a ppc, too.

I had no difficulties applying the Kismet patch to the Debian 2.6.9
kernel sources. The kernel built fine, and monitor mode works.
Scanning does not, work, though, and after running in monitor mode the
Airport modules need to be removed and re-inserted before wireless
will function normally. This is the same problem I've had for at least
a year. The "ksoftirqd" process eventually spirals out of control,
sending the load level sky-high.


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