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Re: Orinoco Dirver with monitor support

Rainer Gutkas wrote:
Hi everybody!

I used the whole day today in getting orinocco drivers to work with monitoring
mode support. After hours of reading and looking in the web for howto's I
ended up to try to compile orinoco 0.13 standalone drivers.
The installation manual said to get the kernel source (which I did), also got
the headers and tried to compiled the drivers.

The howto said its pretty easy: > make
         > make install

But the make exited with the message :

Make:35: **** The kernel source is not configured. Schluss.

As if I would know how to configure a kernel source? I guess it's some kind of
enviroment variable. But I actually don't know and haven't had much succsess
on the web.
By the way I'm using Kernel 2.6.8 (precompiled which sarge installed).
I also tried to uncompress the sources, but that didn't help.

Anybody got a hint for me that could help me?

The drivers are kernel code so they need to build against some of the kernel source. You can
install the kernel-headers package for 2.6.8 or (since you have the kernel source) just
config the kernel sources. The config generates some files needed to build the drivers.

Just run 'make menuconfig' from inside the kernel source tree. This should create the version.h
and a few other files you need. Before you do this copy the config-2.6.8 from /boot to the
kernel source directory so that it configured for the proper architecture and such.

Keep in mind that the drivers (orinoco) won't work in monitor mode unless your firmware (Agere) is < 8.x
but there is an older patch floating around that seems to work regardless of what firmware version
you have.

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	- Albert Einstein

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